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20 January 2005



About my self


My name is Michael Hernandez, Iím 20 years old and Iím studying here because I want to learn programming and then work doing the things I like.

I live in Mexico B.C. because I like my city; it is smaller but is beautiful too. When Iím programming my head start to work for a long time and when I done, have to take relax because my mind is tired and I need it.


How do you spend your day?


Ok, first I wake up at 5:30am five minutes later I stand up to dress my clothes. At 6:00am I take a little breakfast and when I done have to wash my teeth. At 6:30 I take the bus to go to University and when Iím there have to take my classes, if the teacher is not on the classroom I use the time for play a short time. At 3:00pm have to take the bus again to go work. I get out from there at 9:00pm and finally go home to do my homework, take a shower and go to sleep and dream.